Saving money on Yoga

woman doing yoga
Rejuvenates abdominal organs, sends extra supply of blood to spine (due to forward bend). Helps to relieve backache. People suffering from stiff shoulders and arthritis of the back find relief in Halasana. Also very good for calming the nerves.

Exercise is one of those things that shouldn’t cost money, but yet it does. How much do we spend on weights, yoga classes, and memberships at fitness clubs. On the low end, it may only be a couple hundred a year, but some of us spend that much in a month or less.

But the good news is that exercising doesn’t have to cost a lot if you employ a few simple strategies. Take yoga, for instance. There are many free yoga videos online you can use to get started. Aside from that, all you really need is a yoga mat, which can be acquired quite cheaply, especially if you shop used. I recently came across a great article describing how you can do Yoga on the cheap, and I recommend you check it out –

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